Anerlisa Muigai thrown into mourning

The entrepreneur shared she'd lost her campus best friend to an accident

is mourning the death of her best friend
Keroche Breweriwes heiress Anerlisa Muigai is mourning the death of her best friend
Image: Instagram

Nero Company CEO Anerlisa Muigai has been thrown into mourning after an accident robbed her of one of her close friends.

Taking to her Instagram stories to share the news, Anerlisa shared a series of photos with her university bestie whom she identified as Sonia as she mused over how the two had practically become family.

"Sonia @sonialamibature, I really can't believe you are gone for real." stated the entrepreneur as she went on to share fond memories regarding their long-term friendship.

The Keroche Breweries heiress also pointed out that before Sonia's untimely death the two had been planning to have a reunion after a decade of not seeing each other.

"Sonia was my best friend at the University of Buckingham, we spoke on a weekly basis despite her living in Nigeria.

"We were planning on doing a meet-up after 10 years.

She was family, and her whole family welcomed me as their daughter. This is one friend I'll forever mourn. Ngai Sonia," Anerlisa's emotional message read.

Anerlisa with her late friend Sonia in the past
Image: Instagram

The 33-year-old shared more photos of her and the late Sonia as she revealed that her friend had lost her life due to an accident.

She however refrained from giving more details.

"Honestly, this one I didn't expect. Accidents really do rob us people the wrong way." Her post read.

Before she shared a beautiful memory of how they celebrated Sonia's birthday while in England.

"When I set up a whole birthday surprise for her in my dorm. It was only the two of us, and it took us 2 weeks to finish those 2 cakes." Wrote the entrepreneur.

Sending heartfelt condolences her way and to Sonia's family.

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