Saumu Mbuvi opens up about life after her abusive relationship

The mother of two highlighted she had learnt to let go of the bitterness she carried

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's firstborn daughter, Saumu Mbuvi is opening up about life after the public drama she underwent being in an abusive relationship.

Saumu used to date former Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip but the relationship ended in chaos.

The mother of two in a recent Q&A session on Instagram talked about her mental health after a follower asked how Saumu has been throughout the year.

Saumu responding to the netizen highlighted that she has learnt to avoid negativity and people who bring such energy around her. She also emphasized that she has been doing okay and working on letting go of the bitterness she had held for too long. 

“All I can say is so much growth- avoided negative people to preserve my energy, went back to the gym.

I decided to let go of the pain that I had held on to for too long, living my life in service of others; gave my life a bigger purpose, taking one day at a time as I trust God’s plan.

"All I can say is mental wellness is everything,” Saumu wrote on her Instagram stories.

The ex-couple who were once planning to get married were at loggerheads for a long time since their epic break-up last year.

In one of her confessions, Saumu shocked many Kenyans when she alleged that Anwar had been physically abusive when they were dating.

Speaking during a radio interview Saumu said that the politician had even threatened to kill her.

"All those years, I have never been serious to an extent of staying in the hospital. But when I started dating Anwar, it was tough because I was going through physical and emotional torture. It reached a point I had to speak out and be a voice for many women," she said.

Before adding, "he would come home drunk and start strangling me, telling me he is going to kill me one day. Imagine! For what? There was a time he said he was going to kill me. My dad took Anwar as a true friend but Anwar betrayed him, but I have beautiful kids to focus on," 

 "He almost killed me. I will forever fight for women to stand for their rights. Never allow a man to be violent to you,” Saumu revealed back in 2021.

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