The mom of two has revealed her secret for dealing with her mental health
Saumu Mbuvi. The mom of two has revealed her secret for dealing with her mental health
Image: Instagram

Saumu Mbuvi, the daughter of Mike Sonko, has started using exercise as a kind of therapy.

The mother of two told Mpasho's reporter Elizabeth Ngigi that she started exercising since her weight was causing her health problems.

"My Body Mass Index (BMI) was going high and I could feel pain in my legs when walking for a short distance," she said.


She occasionally experienced high blood pressure, indicating that she had issues with her blood pressure.

"So the workout sessions are to manage my weight. I was 76 kg and currently I'm 73 and my target is to be 64 or below," she said.

She has been seen exercising in a gym, performing cardio, running on a treadmill, and lifting weights in her most recent Instagram images. She declared that staying in shape will be her first goal.


"Stage one of raising babies is over. Now back to finding your old self. Best therapy in life. I will take you all through my journey."

Saumu Mbuvi.
Image: Instagram

As a bipolar patient, Saumu claimed that since she is more involved in the sessions, working out is assisting her in managing her pronounced mood swings, highs, and lows.

"I no longer have mental breakdowns, and it is also good for those fighting depression," she said.

"Working out has been very helpful. I don't have time to think about things that can break me down. Part of the bipolar side effects is insomnia, so after the two-hour workout, I get home tired and I have quality sleep."

With more people choosing weight loss surgery over going to the gym and exercising, it has become a hot button subject in the nation.

Saumu previously disclosed aspirations to have gastric bypass surgery.

The mother of two claimed she had lost touch with her weight and missed being tiny when she shared her goals with followers on social media.

Well, now she has said she will not go through with the knife.

"After doing research, I’m comfortable with working out. And also I always don’t like the easy way out when dealing with things," she said.