Jimal Rohosafi turns into a relationship motivational speaker

Jimal got dumped by both his wife and side chic in almost at the same time span

The businessman is advising men to focus on money and not women
Jimal Rohosafi. The businessman is advising men to focus on money and not women
Image: Instagram

It seems business mogul Jimal has not yet healed it or he now enjoys being a relationship motivational speaker.

Who mostly focuses on reminding people you can't have love and wealth in the same basket.

Yes, it’s ironic I know. But they say experience is the best teacher.

The father took to his Instagram stories to share tidbits of advice with his over 1.8 followers, although it was mostly directed to his male followers as usual.

According to Jimal's usual preaching men should sorely focus on making money and not women.

It’s funny how growing up we were taught money is the root of all evil but these days people seem more than adamant to pin it on women. 

Any who using Meek Mill’s and Rick Ross's “I’m a Boss” hit song to pass his message the businessman wrote;

  "You run out of money chasing women but you will never run out of women chasing money," 

Still, feels like you’ll be chasing women but what do I know? Also, it sounds like they’re no plans of settling down any time soon with his estranged wife Amira having turned him and his public apology down.

In a separate post, a while back Jimal shared a photo to his Instagram page with a rather brown-raising caption. 

"if you are not lucky with love chase money. Don't be a loser on both sides." Jimal wrote.

Wueh… heartbreak will do weird things to a human being. I bet that’s why he has immersed himself in work and new projects.

Clearly, after losing both his wife, Amira, and side chic, Amber Ray in a short span and seeing not only his wife talk of plans to remarry but his side chic moving on to the point of getting engaged to another man, Jimal has lost in love.  

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