Kiss 100 Presenter Oga Obinna has ignited an endless discussion after showing up to work dressed like ‘Jesus’.

On Friday, December 23, 2022, Obinna showed up at the Kiss FM studios rocking attires that resemble those worn by Jesus and Netizens could not keep calm.

Many attacked the radio host with harsh words on social media. A section accused him of mocking the real Jesus while others said he was a hypocrite.

However, Obinna has fired back at his critics – schooling some of them that the pictures they have in their homes or even on their phones are of actor Robert Powel.

“List of people who can't tell me anything about JESUS!! Ooh, you shouldn't do this... you shouldn't do that.

You are not JESUS, You aren't Christian. You have never seen Jesus.

“Most of all grew up thinking Robert Powel, the actor, was Jesus. Probably you still have a pic of him on your phone or at home. You are comfortable watching Jesus movies but when Obinna celebrates him is where you draw the line??,” the comedian argued.

He continued;

“On Easter, You and your church "Holly friends" dress up like Jesus, carry the cross, and walk around town whipping someone while others are singing and crying but ooh well nothing is wrong with that until Obinna does the same.

“Ooh, Jesus was Read your bible and read your history...your ignorance isn't my responsibility!!!,”

Obinna finalized his statement by making it clear that he is a comedian/ entertainer and therefore he is out there to entertain people.

“Finally...I'm a Comic/Entertainer/Musician and A Creative. That’s what my talent IS !! Read James 1:17, and Proverbs 22:29 and conclude with Mathew 25:14-30. My Career is in entertainment. showbiz...entertain some offend some but all will talk about the oga@dtop ! Waaampoto!,