Wema Sepetu hints at adoption possibilities

The beauty queen was insisting she is ready to be a mum again after suffering a miscarriage

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu
Image: Instagram

Actress and model Wema Sepetu has opened up about the possibility of being a mom again 4 months after she lost her unborn child.

Sepetu insisted that even if it meant adopting she would be a mom.

The revelation happened during an episode of her cooking show "Cooking with Wema Sepetu" where she hosted her friend Martin Kadinda.

While talking Martin told her friend that he had been asked by several people why they no longer hang out as frequently as they used to, "First off you know you use 99% of your time on love, these days it is so hard to find you...."

Martin highlighted as he ranted about how his friend is so unavailable.

It got a little emotional when he went on to touch on the sensitive topic of Wema's quest to be a mom. 

"I am saying this from the deepest part of my heart... and sikuhukumu but I feel deeply what I'm about to say and it will keep at it like that, I feel like you are not ready to be a mother...." Martin said.

The former Miss Tanzania felt attacked by her friend and made it a point to defend herself vehemently.

She insisted that she is more than ready, even if it means having to adopt.

Wema Sepetu
Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu

Wema also asked her friend not to judge her too harshly just because she was in love with a man she wanted to be with.

"Mapenzi yanarun Dunia jamani... Ila Martin... Hapo umenisingizia kwenye 99%.... Nakataa...." started off Wema.

She then went on to add, "and you are also Wrong Wa Kwangu... I am Sooooo ready to be a Mother... Nyie ndo mnaona sipo Ready... Au mpaka ni adopt ambaye sio wangu ndo muamini.... Aaaah jamani," 

(or you guys are seriously waiting till I adopt a child that ain't mine so that you can all believe me? )"

The Tanzanian beauty queen and her boyfriend Whozu were expecting a child but lost the little one three months into the pregnancy through a miscarriage.

Sepetu, speaking about the loss admitted that she'd been looking for a child for a long time.

In an interview with Clouds FM, Whozu explained that he had argued with his girlfriend for some time before they lost the pregnancy.

Highlighting that the argument was because he's a jealous boyfriend and could not bring himself to listen to Wema even though he was in the wrong.

Wema Sepetu
Image: Instagram

"Wema was pregnant in August. When it was about three months, we argued and almost broke up.

I was the one who was on the wrong and I had gotten angry at Wema and couldn't get myself to listen to her. I wanted to just break up with her. I didn't know that that would affect the pregnancy. I wasn't a gentleman, I love her and I felt she had hurt me. 

She begged for my forgiveness and I couldn't listen. I was given the news that she had undergone a miscarriage.

She send me a message saying 'That's what you wanted, are you happy?' I felt confused and she cried a lot.

I asked myself many questions. I regretted." Whozu revealed.

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