Celebrities who've bought new whips this year

A look at both local and international celebrities who shared they'd bought cars to celebrate their wins


This has been a great year for some of our celebrities, both local and international and to celebrate their different milestones most have gifted themselves cars.

What a way to honour ones hard work!

This is a look on all the celebrities who've shown off their new purchases this year.

1) Noti Flow

Singer/model Noti flow took to socials to show off her newly purchased machine, the Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG.

Although her whip has caused a serious discussion online after it was revealed that she lied about the price and model 


 Sharing photos of the car she captioned it "Well.. Merry Christmas to me 🥰 Mwaka inaisha vi tifi 👍🏽🖤 Was thinking of getting a 'Noti Flow' number plate but on 2nd thought, it's too risky. I could easily get car jacked lol Too paranoid".

2) WizKid

Nigerian global superstar WizKid had the internet in a frenzy after he purchased 7 multi-million luxury cars at a go!

Wueh the money was moneying.

Nigerian artist Wizkid
Image: Courtesy

According to a motor dealership, Wizkid on the 7th of September 2022, purchased a Royce Rolls Black Badge, a Lamborghini Aventador, and a Mercedes-Benz Maybach from the company.

A Royce Rolls Black Badge, approximately goes for 57 million Kenyan shillings while a Lamborghini Aventador, is averaged at around 48 million Kenyan shillings and lastly the Mercedes-Benz Maybach is estimated to cost around 48 million shillings.

Sharing individual pictures of the luxury rides, the automobile dealer made sure to make a reference to Wizkid in the captions and the star confirmed the reports by liking the posts.

3) Thee Pluto 

The YouTuber shared photos and videos of the new car saying the move was necessitated by the workload in his life right now.

“That is the old Pluto and this is the new Pluto…this was acquired because of the workload. Diesel machine. We thank God,” Thee Pluto says in the videos.

The caption on his video adds; I had to add an extra unit of diesel asset due to workload🎉 My early Christmas gift. NEW PRADO TXL. All glory to God🙏🏽

4) Oga Obinna 

This has been a good year for Kiss FM Breakfast show presenter Oga Obinna (well minus the baby mama drama)

To celebrate the fruitful year the father of four gifted himself a Mercedes C-200

The Kiss100 host has rewarded himself with a pricy new gift
Obinna seating on his new ride. The Kiss100 host has rewarded himself with a pricy new gift
Image: Instagram

He mentioned that the Benz was a token of appreciation to himself for all the hard work he has been putting.

The machine is his second purchase this year

In January 2022, Obinna expanded his parking lot after gifting himself a brand new Toyota Lexus RX450H.

5) Elsa Majimbo

The award-winning US-based Kenyan comedian copped herself a Tesla!

Yep, the self driving luxurious electric Tesla.

Majimbo shared the good news via her socials with a caption that says; "Bessy with a Tessy"

Elsa Majimbo acquires brand new Tesla worth Sh6 Million 

6) Willy Paul

The artist didn't flaunt his newest baby in the usual fashion.

Being the extra human that he is he showed off his garage waiting for Kenyans to notice the newest addition.

Kenyan artist Willy Paul

In the video, the artist walks past his two identical German machines the white one that we all knew and the new yellow one as he tries to figure out which of the two cars he should drive today; as established in the video's caption.

"Pesa ni poa.. had a very difficult time picking which car to drive leo..."

To top it off he had dressed up in an all yellow outfit to match his latest yellow Mercedes Benz E class.

7) Lil Maina

Content creator and musician, Lil Maina  bought his first car this year - a white posh BMW!

Lil Maina /Instagram
Lil Maina /Instagram

"Ok, good I bought my first car, my cult made me who I am and I cherish God more.

I don’t like posting such materialistic things but yeah this is wonderful," wrote the 'Kishash' hit maker.

Maina also revealed that it was his mom who gave him a bit of a cash boost to help him realize his dream.

"Thank you to my mom too for a boost."

8) Peter Salasya 

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Pater Salasya purchased his first car months after joining the 12th Parliament

The MP used his socials to flaunt his new car – a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, model 2016, thanking the people of Mumias for enabling him to reach the new milestone.

The Mumias East MP has been accused of 'wanting' Azziad
Peter Salasya. The Mumias East MP has been accused of 'wanting' Azziad
Image: Instagram

“Finally KDK037 is out and officially handed. Thank you people of #MumiasEast for the amazing trust and love you have in me.

“ I will serve you tirelessly in realizing your dream, and all Kenyans through my committee of agriculture, Regional Development alongside regional integration,” he said in a tweet. 

8) Crazy Kennar 

The comedian/ digital content creator bought himself a brand new Toyota Prado TX worth Sh7.5M.

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