Peter Salasya revisits humble home he lived in

The MP in showcased the tiny plot and house that he called home before his breakthrough

The Mumias East MP has shown the humble background he used to live in
Peter Salasya. The Mumias East MP has shown the humble background he used to live in
Image: Instagram

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya warmed the hearts of his fans and netizens at large when he shared a clip of him visiting the humble background that he used to reside in before his big break.

The MP shared the video on his Facebook page where he was seen enjoying a box of milk as he had a light moment with his former neighbours.

Peter seemed in a good mood as he reminisced about how far he has come.


Speaking about his old the MP excitedly said, "hii nyumba... unajua hii nyumba ndio nilikuwa naishi, kama mtu hangekuwa ameingia sahii ningewaonyesha..."

He then went on to detail a few fun facts about the house and the lifestyle he used to live as his neighbours joined in laughter and commentary as they shared core memories of life in their tiny plot.  

"Kifunguo nilikuwa naweka hapa kwa kikombe kwa dirisha.... ama pale kwa choo nyuma kwa sababu hakukuwa na wezi.... (I used to put my keys inside this ka cup that is on the inside part of the window or take them to the outside latrine and hide them there)" Salasya said as he laughed.


He went on to tell his neighbours reasons as to why he'd come to visit, "leo nimekuja kutembea huku. Mimi ni kijana mzuri "


In a light moment turned to ask his landlord if he was a good tenant and if at any point he'd have guessed that Peter of all people would make it to parliament.

"Nilikuwa nakaa aje kwa hii plot bro? Nilikuwa na sumbua watu kweli?" Salasya asked.

"Hapana, haukuwa na noma... (no you were actually a really good tenant, no issues at all.)" The landlord replied.

Enjoying the moment he went on to ask his lanlord if in a million years he'd envisioned that Salasya could make it to parliament

"Wewe ulikuwa unajua naweza kuwa mbunge? (Did you think that I would become a MP?)" Salasya asked.

To which the landlord replied that during campaigns he had minimal faith in him but didn't really think that the guy could make it.

" Si sana vile..." honestly replied the landlord.

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