Justina Syokau

Controversial gospel Singer Justina Syokau has been forced to defend her overused car gift.

This is after fans pointed out that the car she was allegedly gifted doesn't fall in the category of a "Brand New Car" as she had earlier announced.

According to the Twendi Twendi hitmaker, she doesn't mind the condition of the car as she did not spend a single shilling on it.

She also alleged that her critics are just jealous of her but she is more than happy to have received the car.

“Aaah! I’m happy I have a new car, tena present sijanunua, nimepewa Nashukuru sana

Kama kuna kitu sio mpya, kama kuna kitu mpya Mzee Sijali what I am happy about is nimepanuliwa mipaka.

Maadui awafurahi sio vibaya. Nataka nipeleke maadui roadtrip mpaka mwezi was sita, she said.

Over the weekend Justina announced that she had been given a new car by her alleged boyfriend.

“Birthday gift worth millions

Mwaka umeanza na kupanuliwa mipaka. Inside my new car worth millions. It is my season,” She wrote.

However, fans are still in denial about whether the car gift is genuine or just another clout-chasing chapter in Syokau's life -orchestrated to promote her recently released song and try to remain relevant.

Justina Syokau

Reactions from fans

Reactions from fans

cosas_finas254 Mbona hii new car imechakaa steering wheel already?

rachealkawira5 Hio si gari mpya

euphreacia_m Iyo steering wheel show it's all staged

karushkey Hiyo gari na hiyo steering wheel na surprise. Watu si wajinga buana

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