Will Smith announces upcoming Tanzania tour

Will was responding to an invite from Tanzania's content creators

Will Smith announces he's visiting Tanzania
BBC Will Smith announces he's visiting Tanzania

It seems as if The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith will be flying to the mother land pretty soon.

The award winning and internationally celebrated actor made the revelation on his Instagram post while responding to an invite from Tanzania's content creators.

However, this wasn't your usual event.


In the video the creators went ahead to show case a painted image of the actor as they yelled, "Will Smith... oohh no, no, no, Will Smith welcome to Zanzibar."

But that's not even the exciting part, the creators then proceeded to jump into deep waters from a wall as they took part showing off the painting.

Replying to the post Will wrote, "WOOOOOWWW… Thank You! Thank You!! That is Gorgeous. I’m on my way @yessjamal."


The post made it to Instagram on the 23rd of November last year. In the video, Jamal and his team could be seen doing crazy stunts as they held a portrait of Will Smith and threw flow petals in the air.

"Guys please help us tag Will Smith and his family until they see this invitation." Read the video's caption.

Although two months later, Will has finally seen the post and seems to be making arrangements to grace the creators with his presence.

If Will does make it to Zanzibar this will be the second time the team will have invited a high profile celebrity and they actually showed up.

The first to honour their invitation was award winning Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong'o.

Other high profile people who've been invited include American artist, Jason Derulo, Nigerian artist Mr. Eazi, YouTube content creator Mr. Beast and  2022 world cup winner Lionel Messi among others.

Jump into the ‘sea and swim’ is a famous entertainment sport in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Young boys normally play, run and jump high into the sea in the mornings and as the sun sets in the evening entertaining their guests.

The sport has so far been nicked named ‘Makachu’ and it attracts hundreds of visitors who visit Stine Tone.

For years, Makachu has been used to promote Zanzibar’s domestic and international tourism.

The sport is also recognized by the Zanzibar government under President Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi.

While commenting on the sports, Dr. Mwinyi said that young people were doing a great job by showcasing their talents and experiences in water sports, making Zanzibar a unique place for tourists.

"It is high time to assess the Game so that young people are built on intellectual capacity to advertise opportunities of the sea sports," Mwinyi remarked.

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