Donald Kipkorir

Kenyan Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has disclosed that he shed tears twice in court today while representing one of his many clients.

In a lengthy post, Kipkorir explained that he was representing a client who had not seen family for almost two years after being arrested over alleged fraud.

The client identified as Edwin C.O.O. was arrested back in 2020 when his wife in England was pregnant with their child.

On Thursday, January 19, 2023, Edwin was acquitted by Hon. Derrick Kuto after establishing that the charges against him were bogus.

The renowned lawyer was overwhelmed by emotions at a time the magistrate was reading the Judgment.

Kipkorir also shed a tear at a time he was being prayed for by the mother of his client who stays in London immediately after the case was dismissed.

Here is Donald Kipkorir’s full Narration

"Today, I cried in Court! TWICE!

I stopped doing criminal cases many years ago as most accused persons are ungrateful after acquittal. And the cases also take forever. However, once in a while, I take up criminal cases if they involve my friends or if righteous cause.

In 2020, a friend of mine referred his Nigerian-English friend who had been charged in KIBERA Law Courts for alleged fraud. When I met the Accused and he told me his case, I knew he had been mishandled by the Police, Prosecutors, and his previous lawyer. And the complaint was spurious as it was a commercial transaction that failed.

When my client, Edwin C.O.O. was arrested, his wife in England was pregnant with their child. As part of the Bail Terms, he was ordered to deposit his English passport in Court. I proceeded with the remainder of the hearing. His son was born in his absence and is yet to meet.

Today, Hon. Derrick Kuto rightly acquitted him and said the charges were bogus. Being a criminal case, Court attendance is physical. I was in court with my client. As the Trial Magistrate read the judgment and methodically demolished the Prosecution case, I was overwhelmed with emotion knowing that my client hasn’t been able to see his son since he was born in 2021. I shed a tear.

Immediately on acquittal, my client called his mother who lives in London to inform her of the decision. Over the phone, his mother prayed for me in the longest prayer anyone has done for me. She told me she will fly to Kenya to personally bless me.

It is not every day that a happy client prays for their lawyer. Today, I saw the heavens open up as Edwin’s mother prayed for me. I shed another tear as she prayed.

Today, I feel truly blessed. I am a happy lawyer today.

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