Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe

Celebrated Radio Host Kamene Goro has addressed her former co-host Andrew Kibe who keeps on attacking her via his YouTube channel.

Speaking to Mpasho after leaving Kiss FM, Kamene explained that her fallout with Kibe was prompted by his high expectations when he left the show.

"It's into that I didn't enjoy it it's just that having other co-hosts I realized it wasn't healthy, Kibe was my friend and I think he expected that when he went I would leave with him.

I don't understand why he does what he does nowadays, I just don't understand and what he does is extremely distasteful but acheze kama yeye,".

Kamene made it clear that her fallout with Kibe was prompted by his act of dragging her name for YouTube views.

"I have no personal beef with him, he is the one who started to kosea me by talking about me, my beef is when he started dragging my name for views, he should be the last person to judge how people are living life"

Has she ever reached out to him (Kibe)?

"No not at all, I have this policy in life, I have nothing to respond to him about, and I have no intention of reaching out to him," she said.

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