Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez

Former Kiss FM Presenter Kamene Goro has denied allegations of being a husband snatcher.

She was responding to claims that she snatched her fiancé DJ Bonez from his baby Mama.

"People don't know what is happening in people's lives. It's unfair to comment on things you don't know. 

"It's not what it seems, he was not married before. There is no way we would be getting married this year if he was married before.

No, I am not a husband snatcher."

The couple plans to get married in 2023.

"I am not leaving radio to get married and have kids.

A wedding is coming soon, mtaiona as it's in the plan this year."

Bonez was in the past married to Eva Mkala alias Sasha.

The couple has two kids, a son, and a daughter

Kamene and her DJ boyfriend recently celebrated two years of being together.

Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Kamene said she has known Bonez for years, despite them dating for two years.

Before then the spin master was not her cup of tea.

"I have known him for like five or six years. We did not like each other at all. We had mad beef, he used to say am ratchet.

Look at me now."

Kamene also told off people who claim she lied to them that men are dodges.

"Some were criticizing me for 'lying ' to them about men yet am dating. I feel like people are just hallucinating. I always advocate for one thing 'good love.'

The couple has no kids between them.

In a past Q and A segment, Kamene said she would never want to get kids out of wedlock.

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