Kamene Goro.
Image: Instagram

Former morning Kiss Radio presenter Kamene Goro has addressed claims she was fired over absenteeism by Radio Africa Group.

She was hosting the show alongside Oga Obinna.

Speaking during an interview with local media houses, she shared that Friday 27th January 2023 marked her last day on the station.


"No I wasn't fired, my contract ended and there was no need to move up with it. Sina ubaya na mtu. I have also seen those stories, it's OK to talk but do so from a point of information."


"Last year I was sick and I missed work because of it. You can't plan sickness it just happens. I never come to work drunk, it's impossible."


Kamene says although she has left Radio, she learned a lot from the job.

"This was my dream job, but what most people do not understand is that radio is not just about talking.

I have grown a lot and learned about things I can do.I have discovered a lot of things about myself."

She says Jalang'o leaving to join politics made her rethink her decision about being a radio host.

"Jalang'o leaving made me think about self-employment, and jump at the deep end and see what I can do for myself and by myself.I am excited, Employment can make you comfortable sometimes."

The biggest challenge about being on the radio?

"Early morning and not being able to do morning radio can give you fatigue."

From us at KissFM, we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.