Oga Obinna

Media personality and comedian Oga Obinna has started a petition to address the increasing cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) against men.

Speaking to this writer Obinna said that for the longest time, men have been neglected when it comes to tackling GBV cases affecting them

He went on to call upon Kenyans to sign the petition via a link on his social media Bio’s or via Change.org as he lobbies to have a Bill tabled in parliament around the same.

Building up the petition, Obinna used himself as a victim of Gender Based Violence – an experience from his past relationship.

“I have as well been a victim and luckily I got out without physical body harm. I constantly receive messages from other men who are being assaulted but fear being ridiculed if they tell their stories. They really need help and don't know where to go or who to talk to. I've witnessed firsthand police mocking a Male GBV victim instead of helping,” Obinna said.

He also used the example of comedian 2mbili who was allegedly assaulted by his baby mama recently.

So far, at least 368 people have signed the petition via Change.org Website.

Oga Obinna

The petition highlights four Key issues that should be addressed by stakeholders in different sectors – the office of the Governor, DCI, and the Ministry of Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Action.

This petition therefore demands:

  1. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) investigates the accused and arrests the perpetrator(s)
  2. The Nairobi County Government set up safe houses and counselling centres for men experiencing GBV.
  3. The Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action to instill policies and programs for men experiencing GBV.
  4. The Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action create support groups that have regular physical meetings and are led by a professional facilitator (nurse, social worker, or psychologist) for men experiencing GBV to have a safe haven to share their stories/experiences and begin their journey to healing.

During a past interview with Dennis Milimo, the Kiss 100 radio host mentioned that a lot of men are going through a hard time but there is no one to speak on their behalf.

At particular time, we was embroiled in a public fallout with one of hos baby mamas. 

“The reason why I am seated here is because I am a victim of gender based violence. I spoke about it last week and nobody has done anything about it because boy child is on his own. Nobody cares about boy child,”

Adding that;

"It’s not a good thing because the children are involved. A lot of people are telling me to leave the children out of it. But she was abusive to the children and I have evidence for all that. Telling me not to talk about is not giving them closure. I am being insulted and I am the victim,".

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