The Janet Bett and her sister Zia Bett

Rapper Nyashinski's wife Zia Bett Nyamari has revealed that a week before her sister, Janet Bett - Karoney, died God had revealed to her the tragedy.

In an Instagram Live with her other sister Diana, the rapper's wife said;

"A week before Janet passed away, God revealed to me that she was going to pass, through a dream."

Diana Mashua took an off day and prayed about it.

Diana narrated how God also revealed the same to her "God said to me, I don't want you to pray for healing, pray for peace over her mind and that she will be comfortable in her last day. I messaged my husband and told him that God has revealed to me that Janet is gonna die."

"I still begged and pleaded and interceded every night for her. It was hard for me, for her to be sick than when she actually passed."

The two sisters revealed that doctors had already told them that there was no hope.

Zia Bett said that the late Janet had texted her that "It seems my chances of living are low."

Janet also texted Diana "Is this it for me dee?"

Zia Bett said she felt guilty that she was mourning her sister who was still alive "I went to the gym and cried. About a week later, Janet passed."

"I am convinced there is no one like her in the world, just a pure soul. She had no bad blood with anyone."

Diana said the first few months were exhausting.

"You try to process the whole thing. Grief is something that you learn to live with. "

Bett said that her coping mechanism was to go to the gym.

"Because we lived together in the same country, I lived to do life with her. When she passed, I was so confused. It was really difficult. I would go to work and feel like I can't."

"It's been harder when I got pregnant with my secondborn because when I was pregnant with my firstborn, she was also pregnant. The pregnancy was hard and the first couple months of being a mother were hard."

Janet passed on 18th October 2021 after battling a blood disorder called aplastic anaemia. She was married to Brian Kipchumba Karonney.

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