Kenyan celebrities reveal their all time crushes

Below is a list of Kenyan celebrities who have opened up about fellow celebrities who make their heart's beat a little faster

Stevo simpleboy on the left, Kamene Goro on the right
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You see your crushes? They also secretly have crushes that just like you the have no chances with.

This life no balance huh.

Here is a list of some of Kenya's celebrities who have opened up about fellow celebrities who make their throats run dry.


1) Bien Aime Baraza

Image: Instagram

Bien Amie has not hidden from his fans the fact that he has a major crush on Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian singer.

In an interview with Kiss 100, Bien shyly confessed that his female celebrity crushes are Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade.

He said the feelings for Tiwa started growing after they did their hit song, ‘Girl next door’, Bien being the main character alongside Tiwa Savage.

2) Otile Brown

Otile Brown
Image: Instagram

The renowned musician Otile Brown caused a stir online after he posted a striking photo of Toni Braxton and captioned it;“Still crushing on her … one of the sexiest women God ever created,”

His fans after jaw-picking, wrote;

Ariana Lewis 754: Tunakucrushia pia wewe Uko na crush( we are crushing on you, you also have crushes)… this earth will never balance pthoo

Sponyo-wa-memes: Hii ndo inaitagwa ( is this what is called) shooting your shot ama?

Tesatesa-boy: Simpson

Dejay197: Unacrushia mtu hautawai mpata na sisi tuko apa tu

3) Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering joins Equal Program

The gorgeous Singer speaking during the Spotify Wrapped party revealed that she's had a huge crush on Rema ever since she was in high school.

Nikita emphasized that beside having a huge crush on the Nigerian singer she found his music super amazing as she heaped praises on the 22-year-old.

"I've had a crush on Rema since I was in high school. Other than the fact that I have a crush on him, Rema is just so talented I think that he has found the most perfect balance between West African music and international music, and right now that's my biggest challenge." Nikita said.

4) Huddah Monroe

The socialite has a huge crush on Ferdinad Omanyala
Huddah Monroe. The socialite has a huge crush on Ferdinad Omanyala
Image: Instagram

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe admitted to having a crush on sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala.

The socialite expressed interest in the sprinter after his outstanding performance at the Kip Keino classic where Omanyala set a world lead of 9.85 to win the men's 100 metre championship.

Omanyala is Huddah's only exception as she said Kenyan men are not her type.

5) Stevo Simpleboy

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple boy
Image: Courtesy

In a radio interview, the ‘Freshi Barida' hit maker admitted that the Tanzanian Model Wema Sepetu was his ideal woman.

He explained that he went for the award-winning actress because she is calm and beautiful.

The artist also revealed that he had feelings for Kiss FM Breakfast host Kamene Goro as he thirsted for her on a live interview with Oga Obina.

6) Edwin Sifuna

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna is a man in love.

Sifuna revealed he has always had a crush on award winning actress Sarah Hassan. Speaking about his crush he made it clear it was why he had accepted an invite to attend the just concluded Kalasha awards (in hopes of meeting Sara)

"I will admit that I accepted the invitation because I had a strong desire to meet a lady whom I have admired for many years, she is called Sarah Hassan but I have not seen her," the Senator revealed

6) Avril

Image: Instagram

Seasoned singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi alias Avril, has opened up about her undying love for fellow musician, Nyashinski.

In an interview, the chokoza singer said that she and Nyashinski have built a tight bond and that she loved and admired the rapper for how far he has come.

7) Dufla Diligon

Dufla Diligon

Dufla has been more than open about his love for entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai.

 He recently even broke down over Anerlisa mid performance.

The MC at the event could be heard saying, "Anerlisa wherever you are I don't know what you have done to this guy. I have never seen a Maasai cry like this, those guys are always so happy." 

It is nice to be reminded that our celebrities are just as human as us.

Let us know in the comment section who your celebrity crush is, if you've ever met them and given the chance what would you say to them.

Happy holidays.

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