Usain Bolt fires his business manager after losing Sh1.5 billion

The Olympic champion announced firing his manager due to a fraud case

Former Olympic sprinter, Usain Bolt has announced that he has had to let go of his business manager barely 2 weeks after discovering his life savings had been washed.

The Jamaican added that the split had not been an amicable one as he added that he is still searching for answers after his $12.7 million vanished.

“It’s tough you know, but I think through the years I’ve competed it has helped me to understand and focus on what matters,” Bolt told reporters while speaking at the Gibson McCook Relays launch in Kingston where he was unveiled as the ambassador of the athletics meets, now in its 50th year.

“I will leave the matter in my lawyer’s hands and focus on my family, try not to think too much about it because it’s a stressful situation,” the 11-time world champion added.

He also disputed the notion that he is currently broke following the huge loss.

 "I’m not broke, but it’s definitely put a damper on me," said Bolt. He then added that the money wasn't just for himself but for his kid's future as well.

 "It was for my future. Everybody knows I have three kids. I’m still looking out for my parents, and I still want to live very well." Bolt added.

11 days ago, news broke that the former Olympic sprinter had been scammed off his life savings.

According to the celebrated athlete's lawyer, Bolt discovered that his savings of about 12.7 million dollars which translates to about 1.5 billion shillings were missing from an account he had been saving with, Kingston-based investment firm Stocks and Securities Ltd (SSL)

Following the discovery, the sprinter was told that only about $12,000 was remaining in the account. The account was part of Bolt’s retirement and lifetime savings.

His lawyer had threatened to take legal action if the money was not returned by Friday, last week. It is still not clear if any legal action has been initiated seeing as Bolt still doesn't have his money.

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