Andrew Tate arrested

Influencer Andrew Tate has appeared in court in Romania to appeal against his detention after more than a month in custody.

Handcuffed to his brother Tristan, he shouted to waiting reporters that he was innocent.

The pair have been held since late December as police investigate allegations of rape and exploitation, which both men deny.

Last month, a judge extended their detention until the end of February.

Police have not yet laid any charges against the brothers, who moved to Romania five years ago.

Filing an appeal against the custody extension on Wednesday, Andrew's lawyer Ioan Gliga told journalists that he had "new evidence" to refute prosecutors' arguments.

"The victims deny any wrongdoing - it's only in the minds of the prosecution that a crime has been committed," he said.

A verdict in the appeal is expected later today.

Also present in court was a new legal adviser hired by the Tate brothers from the United States. Tina Glandian has experience in representing high-profile figures such as Mike Tyson and Chris Brown, and specialises in international human rights.

There is speculation that her appointment could bring a new approach to the Tates' legal team, as they try to secure the brothers' release from preventative custody.

The brothers - who have both US and British citizenship - have also employed a communications specialist to respond to media interest in the case.

In explaining his decision to keep the Tates in custody for another month, a judge last week issued a strongly worded statement, describing "the capacity… of the defendants to exercise permanent psychological control over the victims... including by resorting to constant acts of violence".

The testimony of alleged victims, he said, "revealed a pattern of action" that lent their reports credibility. He also highlighted what he said was the "particular dangerousness" of the Tate brothers, in "their ability to target… vulnerable victims".

Since then, local media have reported that four complaints were made by alleged victims at a police station near the Tate compound - at least one of them as far back as 2021. At least one of the complaints was reportedly not acted on until the Tate investigation was underway.

The Police Inspectorate said in a statement that it had "started checks" into the actions of officers there, to determine if any legal measures should follow.