Money should be your soulmate- Michelle Ntalami advises

The CEO asked Nairobians to put people's children aside and focus on chasing the bag more

Michelle Ntalami advises Nairobians to focus on money and not love
Marini naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami advises Nairobians to focus on money and not love
Image: Courtesy

Award winning entrepreneur Michelle Ntalami has a few words for her fellow country men, especially those residing in the capital city of Nairobi... forget about love!

Honestly,I don't know what you are all doing in the streets of Nairobi buy you need to stop!

According to the Marini Naturals CEO someone's child will never be your soulmate and the sooner you come to that realization the sooner you start living better and enjoying your life.

Sharing a gorgeous picture of herself on the gram Michelle went on to "bless" her over 497k followers her tidbits of information.

"If you’re living in Nairobi the day you realize that money is your soulmate and not someone’s child is the day your problems will disappear.

Until then, wacha kazi ya roho ibaki moja. (Kills me!🤣🤣)"  wrote the 38-year-old.

Love really seems to be giving people sleepless nights and headaches out here.

Michelle also shared her caption online and asked her followers to vote on whether they agreed with her sentiments or not. As of the time of publication 91% had voted yes while only 9% voted for no.

Michelle Ntalami
Marini naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami
Image: Courtesy

Two weeks ago Michelle had taken to her socials to ask her fans and followers to stop assuming that she is dating every individual they see her hanging out with.

"I have several male & masc-women friends. 

I request people to stop assuming we’re dating or there’s more to it, each time I’m seen with them or if we share moments online.

 Then when I clarify with the truth, it’s termed as a ‘denial.’ Stop! Until I confirm my relationships, drop the speculations. Finally, I may love privately, but I love loudly."

As anyone can attest, I live my life authentically & unapologetically. 

That said, I also value my peace and privacy. When the time comes and I’m 100% sure of my person, rest assured it will be no secret. Let people be. Let the past rest without bringing it up each time I’m seen to be happy and going about my life." Michelle aired out her frustrations online.

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