Drop the speculations! Michelle Ntalami as she airs out her frustrations

Michelle was addressing the issue of people intrigue with her romantic relationships

Michelle Ntalami
Marini naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami
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Marini Naturals CEO Michelle Ntalami has taken to her socials to set the record straight about her rumoured romances.

The 38-year-old emphasized that she has never denied any of her partners unless they both agreed to keep things that way, a notion she no longer believes in.

"I’d like to set the record straight once and for all, on a false narrative that I ‘deny’ my partners.

Let me begin with accountability on my part. I’ve learned from past mistakes with regard to this. I was once in a relationship where due to its nature and a lot of mistrust within it, I didn’t feel confident to publicly confirm it. 

I also felt pressured to have to say what we were to the media. We mutually agreed that if they ask, we’ll ‘deny.’ 

Something we both did in interviews, not just myself. Looking back, this is something I’d have done differently. Other issues aside at the time, I take accountability for my part in this. Since then, I resolved to do things differently.

Moving forward, “private but not a secret” is my policy. If I’m comfortable to speak on my dating life, I’ll answer with the truth; yes, no, or the much I can share. (e.g good friends for now, etc) If not comfortable, I’ll reserve my right to answer.

 Anything in between or beyond that is no one’s business.That’s exactly how I answered this interview (swipe); with THE TRUTH." Part of Michelle's long post read.

She went on to emphasize that she is allowed to have friends and that people should stop assuming she is dating everyone she is seen with.

"To see some blogs misquote me and use the word ’deny’ for clicks & controversy is wrong. 

Where is the denial? Why ask questions if you already know the answers? Let’s report stories TRUTHFULLY. Secondly, I have several male & masc-women friends. 

I request people to stop assuming we’re dating or there’s more to it, each time I’m seen with them or if we share moments online.

 Then when I clarify with the truth, it’s termed as a ‘denial.’ Stop! Until I confirm my relationships, drop the speculations. Finally, I may love privately, but I love loudly. 

It’s who I am. However, I don’t owe anyone any explanations on my personal life. What I do owe myself though, is a life of truth. As anyone can attest, I live my life authentically & unapologetically. 

That said, I also value my peace and privacy. When the time comes and I’m 100% sure of my person, rest assured it will be no secret. Let people be. Let the past rest without bringing it up each time I’m seen to be happy and going about my life. 

And let’s give each other the space and grace to become the best version of ourselves, once we know better and do better. 🙏🏾♥️" The last of Ntalami's post read. 

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