Omanyala sets a new state record while in France

Africa's fastest sprinter comes in second during the 60 meters athletic competitions in Miramas, southern France
ferdinand omanyala Africa's fastest sprinter comes in second during the 60 meters athletic competitions in Miramas, southern France
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Africa's fastest man, Ferdi Omurwa Omanyala, competes during the men's 60 meters race and sets a new state record during the Elite Indoor Meeting at the Stadium Miramas Métropole. The competitions are being held in Miramas,  Southern France.  

Despite the renowned athlete coming in second during the 60 meters race behind Côte d'Ivoire Arthur Gue Cisse (6.57 seconds), he was happy for breaking his own record by recording a time of 6.60 seconds compared to the previous set record of 6.63 seconds.

 As stated on the Meeting Miramas official Instagram page; meetingmiramas:⏱️ 6"60 for Ferdinand!🇰🇪 @officialteamkenya sprinter finishes second in the Miramas Meet final!🎤 "A quicker start than last year so that's an improvement and I'm happy"

During an interview Omanayala posted, he stated that he was happy with the improvement in time that he made as compared to last year's competitions.

"It was nice now that I started the very first time this year at 6.60 seconds last year I started at 6.63 seconds, so that means that is an improvement and I am happy about it, I am very happy about it."

He happily stated during the interview that he would participate in the next year's Miramas athletics events and that he would never miss the events.

Netizens went ahead to both congratulate him and criticize him. We cannot miss hatters that always see blemish in people's actions. 

officialteamkenya: NATIONAL RECORD SET ONCE AGAIN 🤯🤯@ferdiomanyala finished second at the @meetingmiramas last night in the 60m dash recording a time of 6:60. Here's what he had to say after the race 👇Congratulations 🫡#InspiringTheNation

odhiambo.akwa: Kazi mzuri kijana 👏👏huyo mtu wa interview hangengoja upakeko Vaseline kwa mdogo kwanza... 🔥

zidane_william_otis: 🔥🔥🔥🔥seems like Oma tripped a bit on the finish line,,, that's time champ we take this🔥👏

kevinbett_: Number two is not good enough. Go for number one always in all races .. work harder..

tcha_erikKing Omanyala.....when you get back,kuja ABSA Sports Club. We must do this French now. Tu dois apprendre le français.

The athlete was happy to state that he would be getting to learn French in order to do the interviews in French, giving assimilation vibes but oh well. 

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