Illagosa Wa Ilagosa

A video of gospel artiste Illagosa Wa Ilagosa claiming he was poisoned has emerged after he passed away, on Friday while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Nairobi.

A video was shared on various social media platforms of Ilagosa claiming he had been poisoned by a servant of God although he was hopeful that he would pull through.

The Sala Zangu hitmaker noted that the person who allegedly poisoned him was someone who dedicated their lives to the altar.

"They are trying to finish me. A whole adult poisons me the goes ahead to stand on the altar to praise?" Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa said.

The 'Sala zangu' hitmaker passed away on Friday afternoon while receiving treatment after being unwell for two months.

According to a close source to, gospel singer Ringtone Apoko contributed over Sh20K after his death to be taken to the mortuary.

"There were many artistes who came after he died. Ringtone came a few hours later and he broke down after learning of his demise. In the midst, we were stranded as we did not have money to clear the mortuary fee and he paid about 23k."

Gospel artistes who served with the singer have created two WhatsApp groups where they are contributing money for his burial arrangements.

Over Sh100k have so far been raised with artistes sending in condolence messages to his family.

Ilagosa was a father of one.

He had been in and out of the hospital since December last year.

"After his 3rd admission that is when the doctors did stomach scan and found out it was poison," a source told Mpasho.

"It had effects on his liver and other internal organs. Out of the shock he developed blood pressure, a stroke on his right side. He was fighting everything together."

The source further said that during Ilagos's last days, he was in so much pain and could not sleep.

"It was nights of crying, no talking he only said a few words..In his last days, we could only communicate with sign language."

Ilagosa is famous for his song 'Sala Zangu' released five years.

He also has other collabos with Solomon Mkubwa and Janet Otieno.

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