Nakuru couple loses five babies hours after birth

All the five babies born at Nakuru Level Five Hospital on Wednesday are dead, the family has confirmed.

The first child did on Wednesday evening while the rest are said to have breathed their last on Thursday.

"It is unfortunate we have received the reports. We have nothing to say because it is God who gave us and He has taken them," Monica Kinyanjui family representative who is sister to the babies' father told the media.

Kinyanjui said they received news that two of the quintuplets had passed away, shortly after the family's morning hospital visit.

"Unfortunately around 1pm, ndio tumepata news ya hawa wengine (Unfortunately, We got the news about the rest at around 1pm)," she said.

Kinyanjui thanked the well-wishers who showed up to support the family on Wednesday, urging them to continue doing the same.

"I want to thank the well-wishers who came to support my brother and his babies. I urge them, now that unfortunately, the babies are not here anymore, to continue helping the young family," she said.

The hospital was yet to give a comment on cause of deaths by the time of going to press.

The five were born underweight and incubated at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital's Margaret Kenyatta Mother and Baby wing.

On Wednesday, the hospital's Medical Superintendent, Aisha Maina said the four girls and one boy weighed between 500 grams and 650 grams.

She said the mother, 25-year-old Margaret Wangui was in a stable condition and would be discharged once the infants attained the right body weight.

Maina said Wangui visited the hospital's outpatient wing with discomfort, on January 29.

"On checking her, the medics realised that she had multiple pregnancies," Maina said.

The Superintended added that Wangui was then admitted for observation because she had a high-risk pregnancy.

At the time, the expectant mother's pain exceeded, compelling the medics to do an emergency Caesarian Section to save her and babies saved.

"The babies were delivered at seven months and have to be incubated for survival," Maina said.

The family said the parents will receive counselling following the loss.