Kulosa hitmaker to pay 5million Naira for leaking steamy video

A lady had sued him for recording and leaking their bedroom affairs on Snapchat

Kulosa hit maker ordered to pay lady for leaking their steamy video online
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Nigerian singer and songwriter Ikuforijimi Olaitan Abdulrahman, popularly known as Oxlade has been ordered by a court in Lagos to pay a lady 5 million Nairas after leaking their steamy adult video online without her consent.

The amount translates to roughly Sh 1.4 million.

Oxlade was found guilty after it was established that he had carnal relations with the said later then, later on, leaked their bedroom activities video on Snapchat without her knowledge.

To make matters worse, the said lady who appeared in the video had no idea that their relations were being recorded at the time of the relations, and her consent was not sought before the video leaked online.

The said naughty video was leaked in February 2022 and went viral globally. 

Following the leak, Oxlade apologized to his fans and the woman due to the increasing public outrage directed at him.

A lawsuit was then filed on March 15, 2022, by John Blessing who sought N20 million (Sh 5,419,792) in damages for the victim.

Over the following months, the case was heard in court trials up until recently when a judge passed the verdict. The ruling shredded Oxlade apart for “failing to appear in court due to his celebrity status.. and his classless behavior.”

In a twist in the court ruling that has left many wondering if money exchanged hands, according to multiple Nigerian publications, the judge was quoted saying the court would have awarded a far greater sum than the N5 million but did not expound further on this.

Mind-boggling indeed, especially given how the judge shredded Oxlade while passing the judgment.

"The Court would have awarded exemplary and aggravated damages far greater than the agreed settlement sum of N5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira) against the Respondent for the alleged cruel violation of the privacy of the Claimant via the online/internet publication of an explicit sex tape involving the Claimant and the Respondent on 9th February 2022." The judge was quoted saying.


And it gets interesting... The female victim in the ruling was also prevented from taking Oxlade to court again over the same matter or discussing the case in public.

The judge, however, went on to issue a stern warning to the singer and cautioned him against such acts in his relationship with the opposite sex, going forward.

"The action and attitude of the Respondent (Oxlade), who is said to be a celebrity, is despicable, horrendous, distasteful, and classless.

 The Respondent is admonished strongly to act with utmost circumspection in his relationship with fellow humans, especially the opposite sex. What goes around comes around. I need not say more," the judge said.

Oxlade is also barred from ever speaking about the matter in public or to any third party unless he wants to be in breach of court.

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