Baha to take legal action after Georgina's steamy video was leaked

The actor revealed that they'd sort legal action and plans for the case were underway

Baha plans to sue whoever leaked his girlfriend's video online
Tyler Mbaya aka Baha with his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga. Baha plans to sue whoever leaked his girlfriend's video online
Image: Instagram

Former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya has disclosed that they are going to take legal action against the person who leaked his baby mama Georgina Njenga's steamy videos.

“Plans are underway and we are going to take legal the moment I can't give out a lot of details but in the near future we will and legal action will be taken," Baha said, 

If you're not up to speed for some weird reason don't worry I've got you.

About 3 days ago netizens were woken up to shocking news of popular YouTube content creator Georgina Njenga dancing around in her birthday suit.

The video was first leaked on Telegram.

Following this, her 22-year-old baby daddy has revealed that the two have talked about the leaked video and sort legal action.

The two might actually have a case seeing as Georgina was a minor when the video was recorded.

Baha through a phone call interview with Ankali made it clear that the legal plan was already underway and very soon they will be updating the public on the entire process.

The content creator also noted that his love for Georgina Njenga is too deep and nothing can shake it.

"She is doing okay and she is even here with me," Baha affirmed. 

He said that what happened has not affected the way he feels toward her and he will support her to the very end.

A true king if you ask me!

Responding to her leaked videos Georgina hinted that her ex is the one who might have leaked the video as he was jealous that she had moved on and her relationship with Baha was flourishing.

"It happened at 17 with someone I liked... He was a guy in Kenyatta University, Ruiru campus,"  Georgina revealed.

She went on to disclose that the person who leaked the video started threatening her after she went public with her relationship with Baha.

'He started threatening me immediately after I exposed my relationship with Tyler in 2020."

Georgina says she does not know why the guy leaked the video.

Following the leak, Baha used his socials to show love to the mother of his child by sharing her photo via his Insta-stories.

The post was accompanied by love emojis – an affirmation that he still loves his girlfriend despite the ongoing online drama and confusion.

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