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Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro has advised girls not to send intimate photos or videos to anyone, no matter the relationship they have. 

Speaking on the Morning Kiss, Kamene reacted to Georgina Njenga's leaked video. 

"I saw a story and it really stressed me. Protect yourself by ensuring you don't record anything. Don't take pictures and don't send them to anyone, whether you love them or trust them. Don't do it. "

Adding "It's a very distressful position for her to be in right now. For something so private and intimate to be shared with the whole world. Baby girl, whether you love him or not, don't ever record anything. People out here are so evil, you see how easy it is for people that claim to love us to move from love."

She went on to say that there should not be any documentary of your bits and pieces anywhere.

Obinna asked the young generation to learn from the older generation's mistakes.

"This also applies to wild videos you post on your social media, personally I've learnt the hard way, I know the internet never forgets so be very careful. Trade carefully."

He gave an example of the Kenyan man whose tweet cost him his dream job at CNN.

 "Don't do mistakes that we did, learn from us," Obinna concluded.