Sarah, Harmonize, Frida Kajala and Brianna

Singer Harmonize says he's learnt a lot from his past relationships. The singer highlighted the things he learnt in four of his relationships.

Among the main things he was taught by his lovers are making love, spending money, loyalty, and how to be a man.

"In my first relationship, I learnt how to be a man. In my second relationship, I learnt loyalty.

In my third relationship, I learnt how to make love. 

In my fourth relationship, I learnt how to spend money and forget anything happened," he wrote on Instagram stories

Adding; "Anyway, it's enough now, I really appreciate all of them. Nothing and no one can control me anymore, I'm sure I'll be better. We all met for a reason."

The singer insisted that he is still very single.

"I am a single boy again. Make sure you love yourself, I am my own Valentine."

Harmonize's first public relationship was with actress Jacqueline Wolper. 

His second relationship was with his Italian ex-wife Sarah Michelloti. 

He then dated Bongo Movie actress Frida Kajala before breaking up with her to date Brazillian woman Brianna. 

After their fallout, Harmonize begged Kajala to take him back.

The singer bought Kajala two Range Rovers, expensive jewellery, and miscellaneous gifts. 

Kajala recently dumped Harmonize after being in a relationship for six months.

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