Rihanna performed at the halftime show at Sunday's Super Bowl and left fans divided. 

This was the first time the 'Umbrella' hitmaker performed in six years.

The singer also flaunted her baby bump, revealing that she and rapper ASAP Rocky are expecting their second child.

In a recent interview, when asked whether there will be any surprises, she said.

"I'm thinking about bringing someone, I'm not sure, we'll see," she said at the time.

The singer was wearing a red jumpsuit as her dancers rocked white. Fans had expected the singer to bring any of the artistes she's collaborated with as it has been in the past with other halftime show performers.

Others expected a debut of new music.

The singer left fans with mixed reactions after the performance.

Soreal: She could’ve did better Cardi B should’ve did it or Beyoncé Nicki Minaj Rihanna just didn’t give it

Shellch: Y’all steady talking about her performance wasnt all that. What y’all wanted her to do slide across the stage on her head? Or coming flying dwn in a space ship?

MzcaneL: It was wack tho her performance was wack af if she’s pregnant call it off

Yanmfa: I expected better… that was a ok performance

Jet_beauty: Yall on saying the performance lacking....she preggers...wth u want her to do? Beyonce bent back in a chair and yall lost yall mind. Stop it

Bambidaily: I wanted more, We waited 200 years for this. 😔

Adiosblyky: Wasn't feeling performance 100% its obvious she held back from preforming she looked beautiful tho, but I think a lot of us expected more from her today

Eviblair: Very mid performance .. she should have some guests such as jay z for example.. Idk I found it a little selfish not to bring anyone up

Muvastevanna: I personally loved her look . I know people have mixed feelings about the performance . What y’all think ?

Dabootfinest: Rhianna gave one of the greatest performances in raw - authentic talent... Many artists have to have special sound effects, and guests to pull off a certain type of hype. Rhianna just proved to all that she can still sing and did so while pregnant 🙌

Trulyurs: I love her I really do but I needed more prego or not she coulda gave us more like come on now that performance def gave “get somebody else to do it”

eanperi: Give what best? I know you lying because that was a wack halftime show. I was looking at the dancers the entire time as they were eye catching not her. Beyoncé and MJ half time was the best in Super Bowl history.