Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu
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Singer Diamond Platnumz aka Simba has broken his silence after Zuchu announced to the world that she is single.

In a statement, Platnumz confirmed that he is no longer dating Zuchu like many people thought or knew.

The Yatapita hitmaker went on to encourage potential lovers to try their luck on either him or Zuchu.

He mentioned that potential lovers must have something tangible they are doing with their lives as they don’t give out money that easily.

“Kwa pamoja na Zuhura tunaimba tuwataarifu ya kwamba, Kwa sasa sisi ni Dada na kaka na si wapenzi kama ilivyokuwa ikidhaniwa ama wengine kujua.

Mnaruhusiwa wachumba na wake ama wanaume kama tutawaridhia lakini muwe na vibarua vinavyoeleweka sio mje kutuchuna, maana atuhongi hovyo,”

This loosely translates to:

(Together with Zuhura (Zuchu), we would like to tell you that now we ate like brothers and sisters and not like before when most of you thought or knew we were lovers.

(New lovers are encouraged to try their luck but make sure you have something g tangible that you are doing with your life not just coming after our money because we don’t just give out money easily).

Screenshot of Diamond's statement admitting breakup with Zuchu

On Saturday, Zuchu ignited a heated debate after announcing that she is single. 

A section of her fans declined to believe her post, saying she was clout chasing. 

The Sukari hitmaker even asked fans not to tag her in anything Diamond related.

She went ahead and deleted all the photos they have ever taken together on Instagram.

"Don’t tag me in his bullshit. I am single for now going forward. Thank you," the Sukari hitmaker revealed.

In a quick rejoinder, Diamond also shared a cryptic message hours after Zuchu announced that she is single.

The singer borrowed Rapper Future's photo to deliver the point home.

"Put your Shawty first and watch her start taking advantage of you," reads the cryptic message from Diamond.

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