Rihanna's dad reveals how he found out about baby no.2

Ronald Fenty made it known that he hopes the baby is a girl

Rihanna with her dad in the past
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Well, we all now know that Bad girl turned super mom Robyn Rihanna Fenty is pregnant and soon expecting baby number two in her arms. You, however, wouldn't guess how her own dad found out about the news.

Riri had been pregnant for a while, and her baby bump looks like she is in the 2nd trimester but Mr. Ronald Fenty just like the rest of the public had no idea he was about to be a granddad for the second time.

So how did he find out about his soon-to-be grandkid? Same as everyone else while watching his baby girl perform during the Super Bowl halftime show!

Yep, Riri kept her dad in the dark just like everyone else. She just flew him from Barbados to attend the game in Glendale without saying a word.

Mr.Fenty revealed this during an interview where he gushed over the 2nd grandkid wishing that the baby will be a girl.

He went on to add that he's over the moon about his daughter and A$AP Rocky's new kiddo, and with 4 grandsons already, he's hoping RiRi can shake things up with a girl.

"So she got me tickets to the big game but this whole time she had not told me that she is eating for two!" Started off Ronald heartily.

Rihanna performing at Super Bowl 2023.

He went on to add that he was insanely surprised when he spotted the bump from the stands.

"I look at her on the stage and I turn to my partner and say, Oh my god! My baby girl looks pregnant!" Mr.Fenty said recalling the very first time he found out his daughter was going to be a mom again.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Rihanna's dad found out she is pregnant.

The funny thing is Ronald was crossing his fingers for a girl this time last year when it was first revealed Rihanna was pregnant, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy but he now says he had a feeling Riri and Asap wouldn't stop at just 1.

During the interview, he also revealed that he hasn't been involved with RiRi and A$AP's son's life yet highlighting her super busy schedule and the fact that he lives in Barbados but he does hope that that changes with the new baby.

Ronald and Rihanna have had a rocky relationship ever since he divorced her mom back when she was just 14 years but they have been working on rebuilding their relationship now that she is older.

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Rihanna performing at Super Bowl 2023.
Rihanna performing at Super Bowl 2023.
Rihanna performing at Super Bowl 2023.