How Rihanna kept pregnancy under wraps till Super Bowl show

Rihanna unveiled she was expecting her second child during her super bowl performance


You have to give it to Miss Robin Rihanna Fenty, that pregnancy reveal was one for the books.

How did she pull it off with rehearsals and events in between though? 

The million-dollar question is on everyone's mind.

Rihanna shocked the world on Sunday when she unveiled her baby bump during her Super Bowl performance a secret that was so well kept even among people who were part of the show Super Bowl.

I mean her over 280 backup dancers had no idea yet that they had been rehearsing with her. Everyone found out during the performance!

Loose-fitting and baggy clothes were Riri's best friend all through. Her bump isn't that big so hiding it wasn't so hard.

So that's all she rocked during rehearsals. The best part Riri is known for her baggy tee's so it didn't elicit any suspicions.

American media reports that Rihanna was wearing very loose-fitting outfits both on Saturday and Sunday as she was practicing her set. And it wasn't until showtime that anyone involved saw her final costume, which was specifically designed to show off her belly.

Miss Fenty really covered her bases here, not letting anyone involved with the halftime production get a whiff of her pregnancy before she could show it off to all.

Imagine if someone had ruined the surprise or rumours had started flying before she could unveil it herself?

How about a couple of days before the Super Bowl, when she did an interview talking about the different setlists she'd created? You soliloquy.

Well on that, fashion was her best friend.

The "Diamonds" hitmaker accessorized with a big fur jacket and another fluffy garb that made her look chic and helped hide her bump.

No one would have even noticed anything because of how casual she was.

But now that we are going down memory lane it just occurred to me that back in January during the Golden Globes when Rihanna and A$AP Rocky showed up in person, RiRi yet again was wearing a loose-fitting outfit and keeping her purse in front of her stomach throughout much of the broadcast.

Bottom line this was a long-planned deal, and she got away with it on her terms. Brav

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