Chris Rock viciously attacks Will Smith in new Netflix show

Selective Outrage was Netflix's first ever live show and Chris used it to revive the Oscar slap drama

Comedian Chris Rock revives drama with WIll Smith in Netflix first live show
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4 months ago it was revealed that Chris Rock was to host Netflix's first-ever live show, however, no one expected it to be as chaotic as it was.

In "Selective Outrage," Netflix's first-ever live comedy special, Chris Rock presented his story while taking numerous scathing digs at Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

One would expect him to play it safe after Will Smith did the thing but they were in for a surprise.


For his first public remarks since the iconic Oscars slap, Rock went live on Netflix, and he was unrelenting.


About a year has passed since Will Smith approached the Oscars stage and slapped Chris Rock; during that time, Smith has spoken out frequently while Rock has remained silent.

But now he's guns all blazing attacking Will and his wife hard! Which seems to have caused very divided responses on social media.


Some users loved how the Smiths were dissed, while others were horrified by what Rock said.

He introduced the episode by saying, "You all know what happened to me, getting smacked by Suge Smith. Rock started off.

Chris responds, "Yes," to inquiries about how much it hurt "Still, it aches. "Summertime" kept playing in my head."

Will smith slaps Chris Rock/Reuters
Will smith slaps Chris Rock/Reuters

In reference to Jada's short hair, Rock made a "G.I. Jane" joke, for which Smith slapped Him.

Later, he said that he had no idea she had alopecia.

Rock, contrasts what he did with what Will did: "Words hurt, as they say, as you well know. Everyone who claims that words harm them has never received a blow to the face. But, sweetie, I'm not a victim. I'll never be seen sobbing on Oprah or Gayle, "Rock adamantly said taking shots at Will.

He smirked and added, "like Pacquaio [Manny], I took that sh*t "

Chris continued by charging Will with engaging in "selective outrage."

Rock declared, "Everyone who actually knows me, knows I had nothing to do with that sh*t. I had no entanglements,"

And with that phrase, everyone knew Chris alluded to Jada's well-known 2020 admission that she had an "entanglement" with August Alsina in the past.

Will even appeared with Jada on an episode of her "Red Table Talk" to discuss it all, and Rock made fun of him for it.

"Everyone in this industry has been taken advantage of," he declared before adding, "but none of us have ever been interviewed on television by the person who cheated on us. Why the f would you do that?"

"She harmed him lot more than he hurt me, okay?" he continued.

Will Smith spotted out with wife, Jada Pinkett Smith for the first time after the infamous Oscar slap
Image: Courtesy

Chris even said that after all that happened, he tried to call Will, but Will didn't answer.

Rock also hinted that there may have been animosity after he presided over the 2016 Oscars while Jada called for a boycott due to the lack of diversity among the contenders, which included her husband.

She freaking told me to stop because Will didn't receive a nomination for "Concussion," the comedian stated.

On why he didn't strike Will back Rock said "because of how I was raised. What my parents taught me, do you know... Never engage in combat in front of White folks."

He left things in a tense situation on how things stand with Will.

The "Emancipation" actor who has expressed regret for the slap numerous times had earlier revealed that he tried to apologize to Rock but the comedian didn't seem to be ready to chat.

Will, however, did publicly apologize on his Instagram.

"I would like to openly apologize to you, Chris. I made a mistake and stepped out of line. I feel ashamed because they did not reflect the kind of man I aspire to be. In a world of love and generosity, violence has no place" Will's apology read.

Will Smith
BBC Will Smith

"My entire life, I have loved Will Smith. I've supported Will Smith my entire life... Now I only watch "Emancipation" to see him get beat up" Rock joked during his special.

In the movie set during the emancipation, Will portrays a slave.

The initial response from fans has been mixed, with some praising Rock for standing up for himself and his side of the story and others criticizing him for doing so while once again using Jada's name, as well as for his remarks about watching Will get "whooped" in "Emancipation"

What is your take on Chris reviving the beef years later?

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