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Chris Rock hosted the first ever Netflix live show "Selective Outrage" and the man made sure to drag down Will Smith for what happened at the Oscars.

He was not going to take it to his grave, guess his silence was only a means of re-strategizing.  

This is the first time he had spoken up ever since Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars for making fan of his wife's, Jada Pinkett, hairstyle.


In his defense he did not know that she had alopecia, well that Oscar slap was one way to find out.

In the live show he goes on and on throwing one hit after the other especially on Jada's entanglement with August Alsina.  

"His wife was f** her son's friend, I normally would not talk about this, but for some reason these dudes put it in the internet, I have no idea why two talented people would do something that low down," Chris explained.


He shared that he has also been cheated on but what blew his mind is the fact that Will got interviewed by his wife on live television on how he felt about the situation. 

The cheating scandal had almost everyone judging and questioning their marriage.

"Everybody in the world called him a b**, Charlamagne called him a b**, The Breakfast Club called him a b**, and The View and The Talk and every rapper called him a b**, they called his wife a predator and who does he hit, me," The comedian lamented. 

With his emphasis you could tell that he was maaaaad.  

A number of people were not too happy with what Chris did, mostly the black community.

"Chris Rock said "you don't fight in front of white people" but had no issue calling a black woman a b** in front of white people, negatively commenting on black women's hair in front of white people, or letting white people use the N-word around him," a social media user, Tye, posted on his socials.

"Controversial take but I think Will Smith should slap Chris Rock again this year," Alice Hamilton another twitter user shared.

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The comedian also revealed that the only reason he watched "Emancipation" is to see Will being whipped. 

What makes it worse is that the film is based on a true story about a slave who chooses to escape his master after being beaten almost to death.

His remarks were somewhat felt to be a little too much and reflecting badly on to the black community. 

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