North Kardashian and Ice Spice
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On Friday 3rd Kim Kardashian's oldest daughter, North Kardashian, posted two videos of her and her friends with Ice Spice on her TikTok.

This has sent the internet in disarray as many would wonder what relations North would have with Ice Spice.

In the first video posted, the girls are carefree dancing to Ice Spice's hit "In ha mood" with "In the party, he just wanna rump, big boobs and the butt stay plump" being part of the lyrics playing in the background.

In the second video they jam to her "Boy's a liar" hit with Pink Pantheress, lip-syncing and all.

Both videos have reached over 30 million views.

North's TikTok account
Image: TikTok

Given that she is nine years of age, most people are not so thrilled with the idea of the child dancing to the type of music the artist makes. 

They do not find anything wrong with the type of music per se, it is just that North is not the particular audience, at the moment.

This is where our parents used to say "This is for grown-ups" when we were younger, but we would still scream to Shaggy's songs at the top of our voices.

The majority's concern was towards Kim and why she would expose her daughter to such content. 

Facing a lot of backlash from the internet, they do not think it was appropriate for the mother to let this happen under her own watch.

Reactions to North and Ice Spice's TikTok video
Image: Twitter

For most, it was poor judgment to even let North have a TikTok account.

Several people started to support Kanye West in not wanting North to have the account in the first place.

Although the man has not yet said anything, you can tell the tension that is in the air as people await his response.  

Looking back on the nasty break between Kim and Kanye Kanye posted on his socials about how he was displeased with his older daughter having a TikTok account.

"Since this is my first divorce I need to know what I should do about my daughter being put on TikTok against my will."

North's account
Image: TikTok

As of 20 hours ago, North has posted another video impersonating Ice Spice from their previous videos.

To what extent do you think kids should have access to social media platforms if any?

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