Tiger Woods and Erica Herman
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Erica Herman, Tiger Wood's ex-girlfriend has sued him for $30 million claiming that he locked her out of his house.

Kwambox voiced that they younger generation may not know of Woods as a master at golf but of his scandals.

Woods and Erica started dating in the year 2017 before recently breaking up in October 2022.


The way this man is claimed to have ended the relationship should have any lady crying. 

The athlete's team tricked her into believing they were going on a trip. After she had her bags packed they took her to the airport and left her there.


By the time Erica was getting back to the house she was locked out with her belongings.

Yes, these are two people who were in a relationship for six years.

"If a guy dates you for six years, you are wasting your time," Kwambox stated.

Kwambox was surprised with how Woods went about the situation, Obinna not so much.

"But men do that all the time," explained Obinna.

He shared that sometimes ladies refuse to leave the house and the only way to make that happen, is by tricking them to come with you on an errand.

The reason why Erica is suing her ex for being thrown out is that she is claiming she had an oral agreement with Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, allowing her to live in Wood's house for five years after the breakup. 

Why would you live in your ex's house? The lawyers argued that she was only allowed to live in his house for the period they were dating.

For Erica, her being kicked out was a breach of her supposed agreement.

She also claimed to have had more than $40,000 in cash that was misappropriated.

She wants to argue the case in a public forum instead of a confidential arbitration.  

Apparently, you can attempt to get money out of a breakup.   

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