Kaymo and his wife

Digital content creator Racheal Gitau alias Pika Na Raych has shared how her gospel singer husband Kaymo was conned off 2 million.

Kaymo was planning on buying a piece of land to surprise his wife only for the deal to backfire.

She now says he should have asked for her opinion.

"Kymo aliconiwa KSh 2 million. Hakuniconsult. After ameibiwa, ndio anakuja kuniambia," YouTube Raych Gitau reveals.

(Kymo was conned Sh2 million, he did not consult me. After he was duped is when he told me about it.)

She went ahead to say her hubby was trying to purchase a piece of the land when he was duped!

“Eti alikuwa anataka kunisurprise. Ushawahiandikia mtu cheque? Akaandika ya kwanza, ya pili, ya tatu, bado hajanotice ameconiwa. Ningemchanua. Husbands, be consulting your wives before you do big projects. God placed us in your lives for a reason. We discern more than you,”

Raych says the frustrating thing is that at the time she worked with the lands ministry yet her husband could not consult her.

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kiki_preneur: Mnataka kunikumbushaa mapema aje😢😢😢 tomorrow will actually be one year since I lost😢😢9/3/2022

_.musyimi: Eti 2M!. Mimi nili coniwa 60k time ya corona karibu niitishe Harambee kamukunji grounds. 😂😂

shazzy.kim: I have been conned 10k everyone gets conned according to their pocket 😂.

gish_lenny: 8800,I've never healed 😢😂

wmarymurage: My hubby alifanyiwa hivo tu by a close friend weeh.Alinishow after ashapeana cz the deal was so real and hot