Musician Boutross Munene
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Musician Boutross Munene is currently trending on Twitter after reports went viral alleging that his nudes had been leaked online.

For the better part of Saturday, March 11, 2023, the Angella, hitmaker was topping Twitter Trends, with Tweeps trying hard to get hold of his alleged leaks.

The story originated from Blogger Edgar Obare’s Telegram channel where the said nudes are said to have been leaked first before being shared on Twitter.

Despite the virality of the said nudes, Boutross is yet to issue a statement addressing the same. A section of his fans has been tagging him in their tweets hoping he will respond but he is yet to do so.

Boutross is the latest victim of alleged social media leaks. Just the other day, media personalities Betty Kyallo and Azziad Nasenya were also trending over a similar incident.

Musician Boutross Munene trending
Image: courtesy

The two quashed the reports in two separate statements, with Betty threatening to take legal action against those who started the fake narrative.

“...We have been assured that any persons (s) and/or blogs, or social media accounts found guilty of originating the false news will be prosecuted,".

Betty mentioned that the fake news is an attempt to tarnish her brand which has been built over a decade.

 “The nature of the content circulating on social media platforms is false, malicious, and of the intent to tarnish the Betty Kyallo brand which has been carefully cultivated over the past decade. The aforementioned content is in no way a representation of the Betty Kyallo brand,".

On the other hand, Azziad appealed to Kenyans to stop cyberbullying others and learn to celebrate things that uplift them.

“I’m sure by now most of you have seen it and I’m here to burst your bubble because that is not me. And I am grateful to my online family for coming forward and saying that is not me.

I feel like it's 2023 and I am over here minding my business and you are over there in my business? We should not be in the business of creating false information around such topics because if you are spreading such information then you are being an enabler to cyber bullying which is not cool," she said.

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