Mungai Eve's boyfriend made millions last year

Director Trevor made the revelation in a series of QnA on Instagram

Mungai's boyfriend reveals he made several millions last year
Director Trevor with Mungai Eve Mungai's boyfriend reveals he made several millions last year
Image: Instagram

Eve Mungai's boyfriend who also doubles up as her videographer and editor Director Trevor has just revealed that he made several million last year alone.

Trevor made the revelation during a Q&A session on his Instagram stories.

A curious netizen asked him what his biggest achievement of the last year was and Trevor happily replied by letting them know he'd totally secured his bag.


He didn't reveal in detail how much he had made but the 23-year-old was super excited to let on that he had done financially well in 2022.

'Tell me your best achievement last year?" The Instagram user asked, Trevor, sharing the question to his stories replied by writing, "I made several million..." accompanied by the American dollar money sign.

Director Trevor went on to reveal that he was saving up to get himself a new car, a German machine to be specific.


An Instagram user had asked him, "how is the Toyota Crown so far? Also, what is your next buy after the Crown?" To which Trevor replied that he was getting a Mercedes.

In a humble brag moment, he went on to reveal that he has no idea how much his car consumes weekly. I mean when you're making millions monthly such measly things don't bother you, now do they?

The 23-year-old also hinted that he might be in either the Airbnb business or real estate besides content creation.

A fan asked him, "Apart from YouTube and content creation do you have any other businesses?"

Trevor replied cryptically by posting a picture of an empty apartment with a beautiful city view and simply captioned it, "Yes?"

He finished off by revealing his role model was the one and only TG while maintaining that his girlfriend Eve Mungai was the most special person that he has in his life.

Speaking of relationships a curious fan asked how it was being with your girlfriend on a daily, their concern was if it gets boring or takes a toll on the relationship.

"Sometimes huwa unafeel bored kushinda na dem yako kila pahali?" Asked the Instagram user. To which Trevor maturely responded by noting that every relationship is built differently and people should focus on that as opposed to comparisons.

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