Mungai Eve turns to a motivational speaker, pens powerful message

The digital content creator took to her page to advice girls in their early 20's

The content creator gives life advice to young girls
Mungai Eve. The content creator gives life advice to young girls
Image: Instagram

Kenyan digital content creator Eve Mungai has a few words of wisdom for her female gang of followers, "use your golden years wisely."

The 22-year-old YouTuber is well-established in the field and is currently among the most-watched online TV in Kenya so her advice must hold water as she knows a thing or two about getting to the top.

Taking to her Instagram stories the YouTuber posted a lengthy post she had taken a screenshot of with the title, "To the girls in their early 20s"

 A post by Mbatha Laura seemed to have deeply resonated with her and she wished to share the message with her following.

"Be careful to not get too wrapped up in life, bills, stress, dead-end jobs, and entertaining men who can and will ruin your life." states in the lengthy yet encouraging post.

The post went on to add a warning to people who live on the mantra of YOLO and the ideology of there is always tomorrow.

"If you let these things consume you like they do most people, one day it'll be your 27th birthday and you will have no idea where the majority of your 20s went.

Worst of all you will have nothing to show for it as you are approaching the next decade of your life." The post reads.

It went on to highlight that not everyone has the advantage to be in their 20s and get to use those years wisely as it encouraged people to design their lives and work towards their goals while their age is still tender.

A mantra Eve seems to live by.

The young girl has cultivated a beautiful life for herself out of sheer hard work, resilience, and self-discipline and currently lives in a humongous well-furnished apartment that she has on different occasions shown off on her channel.

Her ever-growing YouTube channel has amassed over 500,000 subscribers and close to 100 million views since 2020.

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