Wiz Khalifa shows off his impressive gym gains

The musical artist reveals his growth routine

Wiz Khalifa
Image: Twitter

Veteran rapper Wiz Khalifa posted a photo of himself on his socials showing off his gains. He wrote the words "Boy Getting Chunky" above the photo. 

The man started dedicating himself to personal growth and well-being in 2017.


One of his followers asked him if he currently stopped working out after he posted the photo. 

"I'm still at the gym every day. Weights just starting to set in," he assured the fan. 

The hitmaker of "See You Again" started going to the gym five years ago.


When he was starting off he would work out six times a week but as of the moment he only does it five times every week. 

Hitting the gym allowed him to gain 40 more pounds.

Becoming a morning person assisted him with his fast metabolism.

This allows Khalifa to consume more food as well as put in a lot of effort towards his training. 

"When you're training you're always picking up new methods or techniques, or you're doing things better," he explained. 

His workout routine starts off with heavy lifting before doing bodyweight resistance exercises and ends with a 30-minute kickboxing session.

When he hits the gym there is nothing else he thinks about and this allows him to churn his creativity when he is not working out.

"I love what it does for me mentally, I get to clear my head, and come up with different ideas."

The man is so invested in building his body that he brings equipment with him when he is on tour.   

When it comes to his diet he makes sure to have a balanced one.

Khalifa has to eat way more than he used to and the man was still eating a lot back then. 

When he was asked how he felt about being an inspiration to his fans in an interview by GQ, he shared that he was honored people saw themselves in him.    

"They see themselves in me and they're able to imagine themselves doing these great things or take the steps that it takes to at least get started and move it in that direction."

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