Woman claims Chris Brown beat his baby mama injuring her ribs

A woman claimed she witnessed the act and said that Brown badly beat his baby mama and injured her side.

Chris Brown.

Once again, American artiste Chris Brown has found himself in controversy with his fans after a woman claimed that she witnessed him badly attack the mother of his child, Ammika Harris, and even breaking her ribs.

 The Neighborhood Talk magazine shared the woman's posts, but withheld her name. 

"Man, I don't care what nobody says Chris Brown is a woman beater," the person wrote.

"When I was on vacation with them in Tulum, he hit Ammika's ribs until she had to call a doctor to make sure nothing was broken."

The woman, whose name was withheld for security reasons by the magazine, did not provide a timeline or describe her relationship with the couple.

The public assumed she was friends with Harris, but that was never clarified.

Additionally, she also shared an exchange of a DM that was said to have had with Brown.

In it, it looks like the artist sent her two photos and wrote, "You're going to be broke and looking for kicks in my name."

Even though Ammika Harris is not very talkative in the media and on the internet, her name is always drawn in any controversy involving the American star.

Her relationship with Chris Brown is not understood as people think that they are together because they are linked with their adorable child.

However, Brown does not talk about his personal life, but he and Harris have been seen enjoying quality time together in just a few places.

They were photographed last month in Paris and out and about for Valentine's Day.

Harris was involved in an altercation with Tommie Lee backstage at a Brown concert in London; yet, she is a mysterious figure who avoids the fray of online chatter.