Chris Brown
Image: Courtesy

Singer Chris Brown left fans startled after he took a fan's phone and tossed it off stage during his recent performance in Berlin.

The R&B singer invited a female fan on stage and forced her to sit down while he was performing his song under influence. Chris then surprised her with a sensual lap dance.

The woman seemed to be more interested in taking a couple of videos of the artist.

In the video that went viral, it appears that Chris demands complete devotion and attention from his fans during his performances, that is when he snatched the lady's phone and threw it into the crowd.

In this day and age, fans do not devote their full attention during performances.

Back then dancing, screaming at the top of your voice, singing along to artists' songs, and taking a few nasty photos was the order of the day.

Chris Brown
Image: Courtesy

Today, the majority of people who attend concerts use their phones to record artists for the Instagram culture. Across social media, it's easy to locate videos of people capturing their favorite moments in concerts with tens of thousands of cellphone lights in the air.

Chris is set to perform in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, and France for his Under Influence Tour in Europe. The tour kickstarted on February 13th and is named after his hit song Under the Influence which currently has 100 + million views on YouTube and 600 + million views on Spotify.

In the past, Chris has been involved in different controversial moments. Ever since he assaulted his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, Chris has constantly gone outraged by his fans and some of his fellow artists.

The singer has recently received backlash for collaborating with Chloe Bailey on a song entitled " How Does it feel".

The critics were quick to express their disappointment and anger online at Bailey for deciding to work with Brown on accounts that he's an abuser.