Milly WaJesus defends herself after asking people to donate towards her brother's wedding

Milly's brother is set to have his white wedding come August this year

Milly is facing backlash after asking fans to contribute to her brother's white wedding
Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus. Milly is facing backlash after asking fans to contribute to her brother's white wedding
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Digital content creator Milly WaJesus has come out to defend herself after facing serious backlash following her post asking her fans to contribute money toward her brother's (Leon) white wedding. 

Some netizens felt it was a ridiculous ask especially since a few days ago Milly was flaunting a brand new Land Rover Discovery and now she was online asking people to contribute towards her brother's white wedding.

"I am so shocked that this is news.... Aki mimi wedding yetu was fully funding like 100% by friends, family and well wishers," Started off the mother of 2.

She went on to add that it is true that there are people who don't need committees or outside help to make their big day a success but that is not the belief she held.

Milly maintained that for such events she always felt that it is right to come together as a society and chip in for the couple.

Honestly, I found it cringe to ask people to donate to you so that you can get married, it is not a basic need and if you don't have the money to fund your wedding how will survive as a couple or with kids? But that is just my thinking process.

"I understand that kuna watu hawahitaji committees or anyone to chip in when they are planning a wedding but as for me I am pro coming together as a community and helping young people do things the right way...." Milly went on to add.

Kabi WaJesus with his wife Milly WaJesus

Yet again, clutching at straws. You can do things the right way within your budget or at the Attorney Generals' office. No one said you had to have a grand and lavish wedding to certify it as a wedding.

The digital content creator went on to bring religion into the equation in what I term reverse psychology where she asked people to learn to be a blessing especially if God has blessed them.

She finished off by making public the amount that their loyal fans had sent in for her brother's wedding which is set to take place in August this year.

"Be a blessing if God has blessed you... The total amount contributed as of now is Sh. 77,250 from friends of the WaJesus family including fans. Thank you for the support family." The last of the YouTube content creator's posts read.

Yesterday after Milly's brother Leon held his traditional wedding, the digital content creator went online to announce that she would love her fans to help the couple meet the costs of their dream wedding.

She penned;

"Here is the number where you can send your contributions towards Leonard & Diana white wedding that are coming up soon. Make sure you follow up with a message saying it's for Leon wedding for the WaJesus family."

Her plea also read,

"Let's be a blessing to this young man and God will bless up while we are at it."

Her husband Kabi also commented on the post asking people to stop being stingy and contribute towards his soon-to-be brother-in-law.

"Wacheni hizo bana, changamkeni," commented the father of 3.

What are your thoughts regarding all this? Are you pro-contributing to people's weddings or not? Also is it fair for one to ask their fans for financial support in such a case?

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