Kabi WaJesus manifesting baby no. 3 this year

While celebrating the content creator revealed plans to extend his family

Kabi hints at plans of having baby number 3
Image: Instagram

Kenyan content creator Kabi WaJesus just shared a lovely photo of his family with a special message.

In the colour coded family portrait where the family was donned in green and black Kabi could be seen holding their little daughter while the son stood between him and Milly while holding both his parents hands.

Oddly enough the couple still chose not to reveal their last born child face.


While celebrating the new year the father of 3 shared his hopes for the new year and in between the bucket list he highlighted plans to grow his family.

Kabi has two kids with his wife Milly and another kid outside the marriage.

"I believe that this is the year of access, access to things that you have being praying for, access to happiness, access to good health, access to love and laugh, access to the mind of God through a relationship with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name." Started off Kabi.


He finished off by adding in as much as he is manifesting access to all this things he hopes to have a little andbundle of joy in the oven with his wife before the year ends.

"Naona pia 2023 na access baby number 3 πŸ˜‰ @millywajesus πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸΌ" Kabi finished off.

Could Milly be already pregnant and this is them soft launching the news to their online family? I mean 4 months ago they were celebrating their 5th anniversary so maybe they made a gift then.

In April last year, the content creators welcomed their second child, a girl and confirmed the news, while sharing beautiful family photos with their new addition and their first son Taji.

However, they did not reveal more details about their new addition, including the baby's name or actual date of birth.

If he has another child with Milly, then it will be the third for Milly but the fourth for Kabi who admitted that he had a child with his cousin before marrying Milly.

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