Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene and Obinna just like the whole country are still reeling from shock following Kabi WaJesus' recent revelation.

Kamene went on to fill in their listeners on what had transpired as the two weighed in on the matter. 

"Alifika mahali nikaona ameanza ( he got to a point and I saw he had started his speech) and I was like no.... no, do not do it and then he did it," Kamene said in a high-pitched voice. 


Obinna in agreement with his co-host agreed that the dude had thrown himself under the bus, " Wamchomez....he should be called Burning Spears,"  Obinna said jokingly.

" So we all know his one very profound scandal....the one about his child, and the cousin you know.

So Kabi is now essentially saying that it is the blood of Christ that made him change his ways because apparently, that cousin isn't the only one." Kamene voiced in astonishment. 


" That blood of Christ should have made him shut up!" Obinna said clearly disappointed in Kabi wa Jesus.

Kamene still astonished by the discovery continued narrating the drama.

" So essentially he said this was not the first of his cousins and we only found out because this one got pregnant and had a baby," Kamene said.

Before adding, "But minus that it also brought to light that some bad habits are actually nurtured closer to home than we think."

Kamene went on to highlight how people assume that people changed because they went to campus or they started hanging out with certain people but what she took from Kabi is most of your bad habits you pick from home and your relatives.

Obinna seemed to agree with Kamene's sentiments agreeing that relatives do influence a whole lot of our habits and decisions. 

A few people weighed in on the topic sharing their thoughts on the drama. 

Below are some of the comments:

@Remmy Wanjala: The same Christians who are rebuking Kabi will never explain where Adams children got their spouses from 


@Vikktard: Are you sure you would want to take the old Testament route. Kabi angekuwa amechomwa ( he would be burnt alive) 

@Peter Muchira: Y'all pretend to be clean and everyone has their past, however dark it is. It takes courage to own up to such shit in a world where everyone pretends to be a saint and crucify everyone who comes out.

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