Comedian Eric Omondi

Former Churchill Show comedian Eric Omondi has announced his exit from the comedy industry.

In an interview with Ramogi TV, the comedian said he had done enough in the 15 years he had been in the comedy industry.

"I started comedy in 2003. Professionally I started in 2008, 15 years is enough. You completed primary, went to high school then college and now you are on TV, can you go back to primary?

There is a pattern here. Comedy is done for now. People are suffering and it's not a laughing matter. I don't belong to any political outfit.

Adding; "It is a serious time. We are in tough times. People are suffering, they are starving. They can't afford basic needs.

Fortunately, God has given me a voice and platform. I have also entertained people for a long time, 16 years in the comedy industry.

I met Churchill in 2008 and that is when he inducted me into comedy. That is enough time," he said.

The comedian also dismissed claims that he is part of any political party,

"Am doing this as Eric. I'm not part of any political outfit and not being pushed or sponsored by anyone," he said.

Asked if he is eying any political seat, Eric said he has a big platform to push his agendas and that he does not need to be elected to do that.

"I'm the most followed. I don't need any support from politicians. I have made enough money for myself and I am not doing this to get their help. I have everything I need. I don't have to be elected as a parliamentarian."

The comedian was arrested on Tuesday while attempting to deliver people's CVS to Statehouse.

The comedian and his team (Kenyan youths) marched towards the statehouse dragging a loaded cart that is suspected to be full of CVS labeled as 'Statehouse express CVS'.

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