Larry Madowo and Davido
Image: courtesy

CNN journalist Larry Madowo has met and interviewed Nigerian artiste Davido, years after he walked pout of his interview on The Trend.

Through his social media platforms, Madowo said that was the first interview Davido did after he lost his son in October 2022.

The interview will soon be aired on CNN's African Voices.

"Sat down with Davido for a lengthy, honest conversation - his first interview since losing his son. Soon on CNN’s African Voices," he wrote.

Davido who has been playing low since the demise of his son also announced that his highly anticipated album will be released, tomorrow, on 31st March, 2023.

This is the second time Larry is interviewing Davido.

The first time, Larry's interview with Davido happened in 2015 but ended in an ugly way after he walked out of the interview on The Trend.

Some fans who wanted to attend his concert considered him arrogant and proud, and said they would skip his performance.

Larry's fans have sort to know if Davido apologised for that.

Here is what fans are saying:

Edward Mugenyo: I remember when he just walked out of your show on was not proper for him!

Glady's J. Toroitich: Did he behave this time. I remember his last interview with him did not go well.

Carol Muthonie: i remember when we banned him on the trend for rudeness.

Mogaka Mogaka: You remember Davido looked down on you on the trend NTV Kenya he doesn't deserve your time.

Moses Mwai: Lol same dude who walked out on the Trend .

Lydiah Monique Ojwang: The way he's swallowed that humble pie!!! Years later you are not the same person he walked out on, you are on CNN.

Steve Bicko: Back in the day when you use to host "The Trend" @ Ntv you had a weird interview with the guy, years later you cross paths again, how interesting..

Carolina Pritts: Wuuueh....Facebook in-laws won't forget the trend happenings !Larry Madowo knew Kenyans will remember this ! Hehehe.