Robert and Phoebe Gates
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Pictures of the man said to be dating Billionaire Bill Gates's daughter have been trending online.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’s daughter Phoebe Gates's dating life is currently a hot topic online.

Bill Gates's daughter Phoebe is dating a black man, and that interracial relationship has had its fair share of online criticism.

This time though people appear happy for the young lad. Even Kenyans are not being left behind praising him.

Phoebe is 20 years old and went public with her romance last year 2022.

She is an influencer and the young man is a fellow Stanford student named Robert Ross.

In the photo of the couple, the man smiles as she holds his head, kissing his cheek.

Netizens are amused telling the man that they totally understand why he is smiling so widely.

On Instagram, the duo love posting sweet photos documenting their romance.

From birthdays to wedding celebrations, their social media posts consistently feature special moments they’ve shared.

Just the other day Phoebe Gates condemned racist comments she receives about her boyfriend, who is Black.

Here is what to know about him

- In 2021, Robert obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University, per his LinkedIn profile.

- Directly after, he pursued a Master of Science in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity from the same prestigious university.

- At Stanford, Robert was a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity and held various titles throughout his stint with the chapter. In 2019, he was the director of recruitment, the director of diversity and inclusion, and the president.

- After graduating from a private California university, Robert worked as a full-time associate product manager at Google. However, his most recent career endeavor may be his most admirable.

- In January 2023, the Stanford alum co-founded Lume, an AI tool that “helps engineering teams build and maintain custom data integrations with no code.”

In early March, she addressed the ups and downs of interracial dating.

On 6th March in an interview with The Information magazine, she slammed critics of her relationship.

@005e5n: Bill Gates's daughter and her boyfriend. Can you see how hard he’s smiling? I understand my brother

@backkungu: I would be smiling too, set for life heads

@005e5n: She would’ve met Guka after the first date 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@JayCartere: He’s living his best life

@MarlonzWorld: Please don’t fumble this bro, the entire black race is counting on you!✊🏾

@Bigman_Z_: The “I’ve made it on life” smile 😄