Mama Olive shares tips to help put toddlers to sleep fast

The content creator noted that her kids are usually asleep by latest 7:15 pm

Tatiana Karanja aka Mama Olive with her Kids

Digital content creator and award-winning photographer Tatiana Karanja popularly known as Mama Olive is sharing a few tips that she has over time introduced to her family's routine that help her put her young toddlers to bed by 6:30 pm latest 7:00 pm.

Which she notes is a big step up as in the past they used to go to sleep at around 9:00 or 10:00 pm.

Sharing a video of her sleeping beauties in bed, Tatiana noted that she had been receiving overwhelming messages asking her how she pulls that off and knowing the super mom that she is and how helpful she really is with mommy tips, she had to share her little secrets.

"Every single time I talk about a wonderful evening I’m having which consists of the kids being asleep by 6:30pm I get heaps of DMs about how I do it and if they actually stay asleep till the next day- yes they do! So I thought I’d share what worked for me and how I got here," started off the mother of 3.

Content creator Mama Olive K
Image: Instagram

Below are Tatiana's tips for the struggling moms, hope these do come in handy. 

"Step 1: A super important one- I recognized that my kids were actually overtired which is easily mistaken for them having a lot of energy to blow off. Kids being over tired usually start acting hyper active, excitable as well as having some aggression or tantrums.

Y’all we used to to go to sleep at like 9/10pm because I thought they weren’t tired yet, turns out they were overtired! Realising this was a GAME CHANGER.

2. I established a bedtime routine. By 5pm we’re winding down, 5-6 we’re having Bath time & dinner then sometimes a movie or a book or they play a little.

At 6:30pm we’re in bed and we do story time using Spotify or YouTube bedtime stories (just the audio). The nights they’re asleep by 6:30 are the days I see I can get them to sleep earlier because of how tired they are. They’re usually asleep at 7/7:15 latest.

We also have the same wake-up time.

3. The room is completely dark and if they do need a light it’s a super soft yellow light (avoid blue light at all costs)

4. Making sure the room is comfortable and the kids aren’t in a hot room. A cool comfortable room keeps them nice and snug, they can warm up in their blankets." Mama Olive advised.

Mama Olive smiling.
Image: Instagram

As for her last born 10 month old Nova, Tatiana noted that she just fell into steps as her mom had already established the routine with her elder sisters.

"She literally just got into the routine really quickly. I started with her as soon as she was born. I still breastfeed her at night but she doesn’t wake up wake up it’s one of those where she eats while she’s asleep and I’m happy to continue this till I need to stop😊 #IYKYk

That’s really all I did and it made all the difference 🤷🏾‍♀️ do you have any other tips that work for you? Please do share so anyone struggling has something to try 😊🙏•" The last of her post read. 

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